Automate your Routines

System Rules provides automation features to control operations.


A simple configuration on the KNXServer enables you to set your own Rules, combining criteria and associated actions.

Rules can operate multiple devices and react to user specified criteria. They are the basis for complete automation systems, flexible enough for anything from simple operation scheduling, to complex industrial automation.

Device Scheduling

Easily configure devices operation using the built-in weekly schedule, operated with a convenient drag-and-drop interface.


All your devices at the reach of your touch

Interacting with any kind of device implies different commands, hence different interfaces. A few examples:


Always Informed

Configure Dashboard, Email, SMS or Voice notifications for any significant event.

System Events

Real-Time Notifications are built on top of system events. Systems have the ability to analise data and produce any kind of notification according to user specified evaluation criteria.

Notification Recipients

Notifications can be target at different recipients depending on the reported event, keeping the relevant personnel always informed.

Voice, SMS, Email or Dashboard

Multiple channels available for notifications delivery depending on their severity.

Access from anywhere, anytime.

KNXServer is available in any interface using an internet connection.

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KNXServer will expand your KNX system to levels never imagined before.

With a simple installation and fully compatible with your current KNX system, KNXServer brings a whole new world of possibilities to your home or business.

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